Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Gas Grill Review

Weber Spirit Gas Grill

I remember the old days when my friends used to get together and have some barbeque. Making barbeque was the real fun part of our gathering. At that time, there was no highly efficient grills system present. Simple grills were used and I know my friends always end up arguing that who will clean the grills as it has always been a difficult task.

Unlike past, now things have been changed at least when our friends get together, we do not argue who will clean the grease. Every one of us has a highly modified grill system. One of them is Weber spirit Grill which is my personal favorite. I have been using it for 3 years and it is still working like a newly buy product. Here, I am giving a brief review of this awesome product in order to encourage people who are looking to buying the best grill available in the market.

Features and Specifications:

Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Following are the features and specification of this amazing product:

Porcelain Enameled Flavorizer Bars

In order to provide high performance, Weber propane Grill has porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars. Unlike ordinary grills its grills are porcelain-enameled so that the heat retention in the grills and provides efficient heating to food substances. Hence, the cooking time decreases and you get uniformly cooked products within minutes.

Quality Burner Tubes

Another important and distinctive feature of this product is its highly resilient stainless steel burner tubes. We all know burner tubes are of significant importance, as they act as a medium of heat transfer. The stainless tell burners used in this product have three distinctive features.

First, these grills can stand up to the little amount of water present in liquid propane, improving its performance. Secondly, it is made of single steel piece no welding is done which makes it resilient towards rust etc and thirdly, it is easy to clean.

Electronic Ignition System

Now you do not have to burn fuel manually for ignition of grills, as this awesome product offers you an electronic ignition system. You only have to press a button which automatically ignites the grills.

Efficient Grease management System

For many people, disposing of grease and cleaning the grills seems the most difficult task because usually there is no proper grease dispose of the system in grills. But Weber Gas Grill offers you an efficient grease management system composing of the tray and catching pan that vaporizes the juice dipped off from meat into smoke. Moreover, catch pan and tray both are easily removed as well as clean.

Automatic Fuel Gauge

For customers ease, an automatic fuel gauge is also installed in the unit which continuously tells you about the available amount of fuel.

Unique Design

Physical appearance also matters. Keeping in mind this thing, the manufacturers have adopted a unique design for this grilling system. It is not only unique but also compact in sizes which make it appealing to the customers, as they want such products that occupy less space and are easy to store.

All the above features are the distinctive features that make this product a masterpiece.

Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros and cons of using this product:

  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Cost effective
  • Warranted
  • Easily heat up
  • Uniformly heat product
  • Tank  is not present with grill system

What Customers Say?

As far as customer feedback is concerned, I feel happy to disclose that 99 percent of the customers were happy with this product. According to them, the product is smoothly running, uniformly cook food and most of all easy to clean.  Many customers highly recommended this product for newcomers.


If you want a highly efficient product, then Weber grill is the ultimate option you have as it is best in all aspects. So what are you waiting for? You will never get anything better than this.

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