Trampoline Sizes Guide: A Comparison of the Sizes

Trampoline Sizes

These days, you may find an overabundance of trampoline models of all shapes and sizes, thus facilitating great bouncing fun even in small yards. At a fleeting look, all models of trampoline seem to be exactly the same. But before you go purchasing the trampoline, you must consider a number of factors like longevity and safety.

Trampoline Sizes

One question that is inevitably asked whenever you think of buying a trampoline for you or your family is which size will be apt for you.

Variations in the size of trampolines are necessary for varied family sizes, ages, different areas, and weights. Below a guide is presented regarding which trampolines are preferred for which purpose and which ambiance. This is just put forward so that you can take an informed decision at the time of buying a new trampoline.

Shapes of Trampolines

A close observation through time in this trampoline industry it has been seen that boys have an inclination towards round trampolines at a young age and then as they grow up their preferences shift to the largest rectangles.

Shapes of Trampolines

On the other hand, girls tend to have a preference towards the rectangular trampolines over that of their round counterparts.

Again, boys prefer to play everything in whatever there is, contrary to girls who tend to do it the greater part in the means of gymnastics and dance routines –they want to perform in a specific way.

Girls are usually lighter and they have a lesser amount of leg strength and impact than boys. It is for this very reason that the rectangle trampolines are more apt for the girls to get a better and a higher bounce.

In general, trampolines are available in any one of the four shapes that are enlisted below:


The most commonly available and used shape in the backyard of the houses.


This one offers more jumping area and permits higher jumps. It is mainly used for gymnastics.


This is the same as that of rectangular models, but this one can’t generate as high jumps as that of the rectangular trampolines.


This model is apt for backyard use. It imparts a generously proportioned jumping region and slightly higher bounce than that of the round model. This one comes with straight edges which also makes it easier to jump.

Among these shapes, roundish and rectangular are the most common shapes.

Below an analysis is made in what can be the appropriate size in relation to the various shapes.

Round Trampolines


  • 8-10 foot Round


If your desire is to purchase your little one play equipment so that he or she can keep busy having fun in it and at the same time be safe then trampoline is definitely the choice for you. You must be thinking that what if you lack a huge backyard to place the trampoline. Well, don’t worry because in that case, an 8-10ft trampoline is almost certainly the best pick for you.

The undersized trampolines like these are ideal for a small courtyard or backyard or people with very young children. However, you should just let one child on any of these small trampolines at any particular time. This is because in a tiny space like that it is quite possible that the young children will bump into each other and eventually could get themselves hurt.

These 8ft trampolines are also closer to the land as a result of which weight becomes an important issue therefore just keep that in mind before you make the ultimate assessment.

If you can manage a bit more space and can have the funds for a 10ft trampoline then it’s preferable that you go for it. This is suggested because a 10ft is a better choice if you are considering this for a long time. Having said that, it also should be considered that an 8ft trampoline is very accommodative that enables people with small backyards to have one as well.

  • 12 foot Round

This one is ideal for most families with 2 or more kids. These don’t use up much space. In spite of that, you can also afford to have young adults or larger children safely bouncing on them with no problem. It can endure the weights of 2 very young kids upon it simultaneously or a single older kid or an adult easily.

  • 14-1 5 foot Round

They are bigger trampolines which are quite evident from their size. These are the true “Entertainers” or better said are one of the best of their kind. 14 and 15 ft round trampolines are the ones everyone goes for if they can manage the additional yard area and the money. Because of their grand size, these are safer, more entertaining and one can accommodate greater than one child or person simultaneously.

If your family is quite a large one or your children are more or less a bit around 10 and above then go for this one. This one provides great worth too if you have children who are quite friendly and have acquaintances or friends turning up regularly at your place as this trampoline will keep them amused and engaged for hours together.

Rectangle Trampolines

  • 7 x 10 foot Rectangle

Rectangle Trampolines

This one is a superb yet quite a petite rectangle trampoline. It is ideal to be placed in between the swing set and a cubby. This one is ideal for families who have limited backyard space. It is compact, nice and has almost analogous application as to the roundish 8 or 10-foot trampoline.

Like its roundish counterpart, only a single kid at a time is recommended otherwise there remains a chance of the children colliding into each other and thus end up hurting each other. One advantage is that this one can easily be assembled on the ground.

  • 8 x 12 foot Rectangle

This one is a magnificent trampoline that offers a superb bounce for children up to 12-13 years old. Moreover, if the kids have planned are going into Gymnastics then it may turn out to be the aptest trampoline for the children to use so that they could practice their daily regime. An improved leap is frequent on a rectangle trampoline as compared to a similar 12-foot circular one. It is ideal as an in-ground trampoline or to be easily popped into a corner.

  • 9 x 14 foot Rectangle

This trampoline was designed keeping in mind the kids who perform Aerobics or likewise exercise but find it difficult to perform on the 8-12 foot as it becomes a little too small to execute their flips and as a result, they land on the pads.

The excess 2 foot that this trampoline incorporates, makes a noteworthy distinction without compromising the rebound. This 9 x 14ft trampoline has sufficient space for 2 teenaged children simultaneously. Moreover, this trampoline comprises of more sturdy design as compared to the former 2 under-sized rectangle ones consisting of many solid pads and frames.

  • 10 x 17 foot Olympic Size Rectangle

This one calls for a much bigger space for accommodation given the fact that is much larger than the others mentioned above. Another important thing to be mentioned in relation to this trampoline is that it is really not appropriate for toddlers. You should really be aware that the tiny ones will not achieve a satisfactory bounce till the time they are 8-9 years old. So it is recommendable for the older kids.

Now, if compared to a trampoline that is specifically meant for Gymnastics that bears a 2 string intermingling mat then this trampoline doesn’t turn out to be so much bouncy. Also, children would require being minimum of 65-70kg to achieve the elevation to perform a double somersault.

These are more suitable to the single flip and tumble mat routines that are generally done. These are excellent trampolines for ball sport and general family use. A resilient and tough frame makes this one an extended backyard venture.

  • 14 x 16ft Rectangle Trampoline

The 14 x 16ft rectangle trampoline is more or less a square. Its king-size makes a big statement. It is quite a commonly used trampoline among people and also among kids. It is a superb place for wrestling, soccer and ideal for the erstwhile sport of jumping.

And it also is a great point of attraction in the neighborhood. More than 200kg this one is not used to be an under player.

An eminent robust and thick structure is designed for long-lasting satisfaction. This is a choice trampoline for highly enthusiastic children. Perfect for practicing and tumbling techniques that have to be ultimately utilized right on the floor itself once they become confident.


So, these are the various sizes of trampolines available in the market. Just make sure that you incorporate the trampolines’ safety measures as precedence for your children irrespective of the dimension of the trampoline you decide to buy.

Ensuring that you teach your little ones how to be safe and secured on a trampoline will diminish the possibility of your child being hurt and injured severely.

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