Top Tactics and Techniques for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

5 Secret Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

Smallmouth bass is an impressive fish to catch. Their name might not be quite as impressive as that of the Largemouth bass, and they might not be the top priority on everyone’s mind when it comes to big freshwater fish. But if you have a Smallmouth Bass lake near you, you know exactly how exciting it can be to catch one of your own.

Of course, the question we’re dealing with is: how do we catch more of these Smallmouth Bass?

We’ll answer that by providing some of the top tips and techniques for Smallmouth Bass fishing, aimed at getting your inner “fishing rookie” from feeling like a newbie to feeling like an advanced bass fishing all-star. Here’s how you can catch more Smallmouth Bass, starting today.

Planning the Perfect Smallmouth Bass Fishing Outing

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

When you go out to catch a specific type of fish, you’re already doing a good job at preparing. Why is that? Because too many people don’t tailor their fishing excursions for the reality of the fish that they want to catch. In essence, they’re throwing a lot of you-know-what at the wall and hoping that some of it will stick. That’s not a good situation for anybody, and it won’t help you catch more Smallmouth Bass.

So what’s the solution? Plan the perfect outing by targeting Smallmouth Bass from the outset. Find which lakes they’re in, find the bait they like to chomp on, and go at a time of day that is ideal for catching this specific variety of fish. You’ll be amazed at how just stacking up these basic preparation principles on top of each other will skyrocket the amount of success you have – and the amount of fish you catch.

 5 Secret Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

If you really want to know how to catch more Smallmouth Bass, let’s get specific. Here are five tips you can use today to catch more of these fish:


  • Go at the right time of day. You need to know how Smallmouth Bass are responding to the temperature of your local climate – in summer, fish tend to go to the cooler parts of the water, which means they’re at the surface during the cool parts of the day (early morning and late evening).
  • Pick the right bait. You won’t do a whole lot of good in using bait that’s designed for entirely different types of fish.
  • Use a fishfinder. They really do help, and will point you in the direction of where fish are collecting together in your lake.
  • Use proper technique. It’s not enough to simply drop your bait into the water – make it look alive. If it’s a worm, jiggle it every now and again.
  • Adapt to circumstances. Change your setting, change lakes – whatever it takes, but adapt to the feedback you’re getting. Don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over.

 Catch More: Bait for Smallmouth Bass

Storm WiggleWart Madflash 

Storm WiggleWart Madflash

Of course, you’re not going to get very far in any fishing excursion without the proper bait. So let’s take a look at some of the best bait you can use for Smallmouth Bass. This ThinFin is a great product to start out with. Also, try out this Crankbait, always a popular bait with bass.

Whatever bait you use, be sure that you find the right fish with it by preparing for your Smallmouth Bass excursion properly. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be amazed at how many fish you could have been catching all along before you decided to research the topic thoroughly. It’s a great feeling.

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