Top Best Vegetables for Grilling

Top best vegetables for grilling

Hot stove cooking in the kitchen is a tiring thing especially when you are dealing with hot summers. In such weather conditions, we really find ourselves thankful to thinkers behind grilling things.

Grilled food does really good in such conditions and thus many people switch to using gas grills instead of cooking inside the kitchen over a gas/electric stove.

Grilling not only gives you more convenience but offers you a lot of variety for eating. You can enjoy a smoky flavor with grill marks. Some people may say that grills make them lazy but if you are getting more time for yourself and for other activities then why not.

Grilling meat is surely heavenly but vegetables are a strong choice to trial over grilling. The only thing that may trouble is the choice of vegetables for grilling. All the vegetables may not appear and taste appealing when grilled. Some may slip through the grill and some may have a too soft texture to be handled well.

Best Veggies for grill

Best Veggies for grill

Best vegetables for grilling are ones that give you minimal fussing with the best results on grill grate with the use of a light oil spray. Flavors of these vegetables are further enhanced with the use of a grill. Vegetables can be cooked pretty well in less amount of time however the amount of time may differ for different vegetables. Almost all of them would need you to stay close for quick flipping and pulling them off the grill grate as they are cooked to avoid burning or over doing.

Here is the list of some of the best veggies for grilling:

some of the best veggies for grilling

  1. Asparagus: Asparagus is termed to be the queen of all veggies especially when we talk about grilling. This vegetable would only need some minutes on the grill and it will be prepared into a heavenly thing to eat with the use of a little dressing. The grilled conversion of asparagus is something that is hard to avoid.
  2. Potatoes: Grilled potatoes are one of the favorite sidelines to serve with meat steaks. It is best to par-boil potatoes until they are about to cook. These must then be thread into skewers and you can get them completely done over the grill. It would be really tasty to eat. If you have a good amount of time, we recommend you to make smoked potatoes. Just turn the fire for indirect grilling and add some chips and chunks. Have the potatoes rubbed with a little olive oil. Season them with salt and pepper and put them on the grill (with the lid closed). Some people have been witnessed wrapping these potatoes in foil but smoking would be useless with foil. Potatoes will be done in around 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can top smoked potatoes with sour cream, chives etc. This is going to be really delicious.
  3. Onions: Onion is changed into a completely different appearance and taste when grilled. Its sharp strong flavor is turned in to a sweet mellow one. For grilling, cut onion in half inch slices crosswise. Have them run in a skewer and then grill over medium heat. Avoid using high heat as it may burn outside of onion before inside is cooked.
  4. Corn: Put corn directly on the grill and you can enjoy awesome charred bits of corn. Flavor can further be amplified with the use of butter.
  5. Zucchini: Zucchini gives you overwhelming flavor when grilled however a quick marinating would enhance the overall charm. For marinating, use balsamic-basil or some mint herbs and Zucchini will become ever so tasty.
  6. Tomatoes: Grilled tomatoes are a delight to eat. You will find its flavor more improved and you will find this mediocre thing to turn in to a treat for you in summer with proper grilling. Cut the tomatoes crosswise in half and then place the cut side down over the cooking grate. Allow 3-4 minutes of cooking time before turning it over. You can use a dollop of pesto over it. Cook for another 3-4 minutes and tomatoes are ready to be served.
  7. Bell Peppers: You can cook bell peppers in two different ways. You can either cook them whole until they are charred for peeling. You can also cut them into pieces and grill until the edges are charred giving a little crisp to the bell pepper. Adopting any of the two methods depends upon your personal choice and you can serve these as part of your salad or platter.
  8. Radicchio: This vegetable is too bitter and the main highlight of grilling it is that its flavor softens and calmed down. Moreover its leaves take the smoky flavor really well. Radicchio must be grilled with core inside and you can serve it warm grilled.
  9. Eggplant: Eggplant must be cut into fine ¼ inches thick slices and before putting them on the grill, you must marinade them. For marinating, you may use garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and you will really like this delicious grilled eggplant.
  10. Green Beans: Green beans really are a wonderful treat over grill however there is a chance of these slim things to slip through the grilling grate. For green beans, you must use a grill basket and the one with a lid goes really well. You can even shake beans for cooking without having the fear of losing them. Green beans do well with the use of salt and pepper with a little of olive oil. Once you take them off the grill, you can even add a little butter for more flavors.


Grilling is thus not only about meat but vegetables turn out to be a delight when grilled. They cook quickly and give you a smoky flavor. Moreover the best thing about veggies is that you need not worry about underdoing or overdoing them as you think about steaks or burgers. By having a look at the vegetables, you can tell if they are perfectly grilled or not. So go for a healthy diet, clean up your grill and start grilling some veggies.

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