Tips for Maintaining a Gas Grill – Some Useful Skills

Tips for maintaining a gas grill

Are you expecting your gas grill to perform perfect when it bears all the outside cold, heat, rain and sun rays?

There is a lot that your gas grill is bearing and if you are giving it no care then this could be the reason that your gas grill would offer you an unreliable and inefficient performance.

Like all other appliances and machines, your gas grill even needs you to spend a little amount of time for maintenance of grill that would keep it performing well! A little care and maintenance would keep your investment of purchasing a gas grill safe. Here is how you can do that.

Tips for Maintaining a Gas Grill


  • Every time you begin to use your gas grillpreheat it so that all the debris or remaining good is cleaned. This is the best practice in order to get your grill disinfected.
  • Make sure that you remove the entire residue before starting to grill by brushing the cooking grates. This action offers you a clean surface for cooking every time.
  • When you are done with cooking your food, turn the grill temperature to high. High temperature would burn off all the grease and drippings of your gas grill.
  • Let your grill to cook down and cover it.
  • Clean up your grill cooking grates thoroughly by removing them after 5-10 cookouts. Clean them carefully on both sides.
  • When you remove the grates, you get to clean the metal barriers above and below them too.
  • Brush out the grill inside into a grip pan and clean/replace the grip pan as required.
  • Place all the parts back carefully and make sure that all the parts are accurately placed before lighting the grill. Also for first time use after cleaning, let the grill heat for about 10 minutes until no or not much smoke is coming out.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

For all those who are frequent gas grill users, you can do this maintenance twice a year and for others who do not grill that frequently can do it once a year.

  • Take out cooking grates and soak them for cleaning in hot soap solution of soap and water.
  • Take out barrier and soak it well too.
  • Clean the entire interior of your grill with a brush and all the greasy accumulation should be left on the metal for protection.
  • Lit the grill to see the flames coming out of the burner. If you find the flames are uneven, you would need to clean the burners too. Take the affected burner out of the grill and clean it with a pipe cleaner or clean through the ports with a small wire. Tap the burner with open end being down. Do it gently in order to get rid of any debris that is caught inside the burner. When you are done with cleaning of burners, place them again and fire to see if the flame is even. If not, you can repeat the same steps.
  • Check the grease dip pan for cleaning or replacement.
  • Wash the exterior of your grill. Make sure it is closed.
  • Clean the soaked cooking grates and barriers and assemble them again in grill.
  • Fire the grill and heat up to make sure that all the internal components dry up.

Packing Away Grill

If you are no more in the mood of grilling for the season or are going out somewhere for a longer period of time, you must pack away your grill properly. In order to get this done, close and disconnect the supply of gas. Remove the tank of propane and keep it in a safe ventilated place. Cover the best grill and place it in a sheltered place to avoid getting it damaged from any heavy snow or rainfall in your absence.

Tips for Maintenance

Apart from the above mentioned the tips given below are also crucial in order to keep your gas grill in a good shape.

  • Since most gas grills are placed outdoors, you must always keep it covered. You can get grill covers of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and they are easily available in the market.
  • If you have placed your gas grill on a pavement, out grill math or a tarp underneath it to capture all the grease, food and debris.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace grill parts when required. Keep warranty information save that is found in the purchase book. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for some parts.
  • After 5-10 uses, clean your grill thoroughly.
  • Clean the centuries (tubes used to mix air and gas for burners). If the venture are not working properly and have a small blockage, it can result in a fire hazard. Remove the burner and tube assembly and clean it with soap water solution. Take a wire brush for cleaning of holes. You can also use a toothpick or a paper clip. Let them dry and replace.
  • Do not place the gas grill in a garage, carport or any other place where it is flammable. Make sure you keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house.
  • Store LP containers in a secure place in a proper upright position. Never leave them in cars.
  • In order to avoid the hassle of running for fuel, make sure you have full tank and keep some backup just in case you find the need.


It is true that if you do not consider the maintenance of your gas grill seriously and do not take good care of it, its performance would begin to diminish with time. Uneven heat, low temperature, food residue, poor cleaning and other such things may be some factors that are responsible for the underperformance of your gas grill. A simple maintenance program should be set for effective functioning for the grill which is a lot easier and cost-effective than replacing your grill.

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