Tips for Healthy Grilling Meat

Tips for Healthy Grilling Meat

When the weather goes warm, many of the people enjoy spending time with family and friends. Gathering with loved ones becomes more interesting when you have good food to enjoy and grilled meat is heavenly delicious food with which you can arrange a variety of sides’ dishes, drinks and deserts.

However to enjoy this food with health benefits it is important that you grill the meat properly.

No doubt grilling itself is a healthy tradition of cooking that is much better in comparison to other heavy fried food with additional fats and bad calories.

But there are some dangers associated with grilling as well that you can overcome by properly following some important safety measures and tips for healthy grilling of meat. If you overcook or undercook meat, it could be really unhealthy.

Healthy Grilling Meat

Go Safe with Meat

  • It is recommended that if you like to have grilled food more often, you should go for fish. Some of the healthiest fish types are herring, trout and salmon. These give you omega 3 fatty acids that are really good for your heart.
  • Go for chicken breast and make sure that the skin is removed before you eat. Dark meat of legs and thighs are fattier. With breast meat you can add a layer of onions for more flavors.

Types of Meat Cuts Preferred for healthy grilling

If you are considering buying red meat and pork, it is recommended that you go for loin and round cuts. In the case of beef, choice or select grades instead of getting ‘prime’.

These parts of the meat have less amount of fat in comparison to others. However, even with these parts, you must trim an additional amount of fat. For grilling it is best to use a rack so that all the extra fat would drip from your meat keeping it healthier.

Tips for Safety of Food

When you have meat on the grilling grate, following all the tips mentioned below would give you worry-free eating of grilled meat.

Every year millions of people are diagnosed with food poisoning that happens from eating of undercooked meat, animal products and other such things that may have residents of bacteria inside. If meat is not cooked at a temperature sufficient to kill bacteria inside it, eating of such food would lead to vomiting, diarrhea and stomach aches.

This kind of food poisoning may lead to a serious position and one may need to get hospitalized. Thus in order to prevent one from getting sick it is important to eat healthy grilled meat.

Some tips to follow for the safety of grilled meat include:

 tips to follow for safety of grilled meat

Tips 1

You must keep raw meat at a separate place. No fruits, vegetables or other food that you eat raw without cooking must be sharing the same space as your raw meat. This would prevent bacterial cross-contamination.

Avoid cutting other foods on the cutting board of your raw meat. When you are dealing with raw meat, make sure that you have washed and cleaned all utensils used including cutting board, knife, plates etc. when the food is cooked use separate utensils for dishing out and serving.

Tips 2

When you are preparing to handle raw meat, wash your hands with soap and water for around 30 seconds and do the same after you have handled raw meat.

Tips 3

Make sure that the meat is kept cold until you are ready to deal with its cooking. Any leftover meat from grilling must be kept at a warm temperature or you must put it back in the fridge within an hours’ time. Any ground meat that you do not aim to use within a day or two must be stored in the freezer.

Tips 4

When looking at the burger you may feel that it is cooked however it may still be raw from inside. Check the color inside in order to be certain of whether it is completely done or not. If you are not sure, you can check by inserting a thermometer in the thickest area of the burger.

You must keep cooking until food reaches a certain temperature such as 165 F (for chicken/turkey whole, chicken/turkey breast boneless, chicken/turkey ground meat, and hot dogs), 160 F (for ground beef, hamburgers, and pork) and 145-170 F (for beef steaks/roasts).

Tips 5

When you are not eating your grilled meat, you must keep it in a covered place in order to prevent it from insects, bugs, dirt and dust. Uncovered meat may collect germs that may come from feet/bodies of insects, bugs or from dirt or dust.

Healthy Meat Grilling Tips

Healthy Meat Grilling Tips

Grilling is one of the safest ways of cooking but you must make sure that grilling is done in moderation and that you follow all the measures of safety.

  • For grilling you must keep your meat lean. Get rid of all the skin and other extra fat that is visible before placing your meat in the grill. This practice will give you healthier meat and apart from that, it will also limit flare-ups that may cause charring on your meat.
  • Researches that are conducted revealed that marinating chicken breasts with olive oil, cider vinegar, lemon juice and other spices reduces the chances of HCA formation to around 99%. Thus you must marinate the meat before cooking.
  • Rolling your meat in spices such as turmeric and rosemary also limits the chances of HCA production to around 50% and thus research says that you should spice up meat.
  • It is also recommended that before grilling you should microwave your meat for around 2 minutes that kills the chances of HCA production by 90%. Pat meat to dry after this process so that juice may not drip on the grill.
  • Turn the gas down at under 325 degrees and cook meat for a longer duration on this temperature.
  • Have a tin foil under the meat and make some holes. This would reduce the chances of dripping juice on the grill and will give your meatless while cooking.
  • Research says that rapid turning of meat would prevent HCA formation so you should flip meat in about one minute.
  • Remove any charred pieces from the meat before you start to eat your grilled meat.
  • Vegetables are lower in fats and are good sides to be served. You can grill some veggies over and use some meat with them to fill in your empty stomach. This way you get more healthy nutrients and less of fat and calories.
  • Each time when you are done with grilling, clean your grill completely to remove any charred or leftover food on the surface of your grill.


In order to preserve the healthy nutrients of your food, it is recommended that you limit your grilling time. For proper cooking with less time over the grill, you should have your meat cut into small pieces, marinate it and skewer it.

You may also precook your food so that they get less time over the grill. It is also important that you have an appropriate type and model of the grill.

We hope that going through this page; you would have learned some tips to make healthy grilled meat.

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