Tips for grilling your food on a gas grill

grilling your food on a gas grill

Great gas grillers today are made with options to give users a complete control on what cooking method they prefer?

And how much temperature/heat they need for their specific cooking style?

Most of the gas grills today offer optimum results for cooking if you follow some of the directions for proper grilling of food on a gas grill.

Grilling is not something very difficult but there are small secrets that make way for some excellent barbecues and grilled food. Make sure the grill lid is always on when you are cooking.

grilling your food on a gas grill
There are two different cooking methods used with gas grills.

Direct Method

When we talk about direct cooking method it is quite similar to boiling. You put your food directly over the source of heat for cooking. If you wish to cook your food evenly, you must turn food once halfway during grilling. The direct method cooks food in around 25 minutes and you can easily cook items like sausages, steaks, veggies, fruits and more.

For direct cooking, searing meats is required that would give your food a crispy and caramelized texture as it goes to the cooking grates of grills. You also get some spotless grilling marks along with a delicious well prepared food. Searing gives advantage of taste and texture to different kinds of meats in all forms.

For Searing:

  • Begin with starting the grill to become hot.
  • Place meat to be seared and allow it to hold for one minute.
  • Turn the side and set the temperature control at a lower level.
  • Continue cooking till the meat is completely cooked.

For direct method:

  • Let the grill to heat by turning all the burners at maximum heat.
  • Put your meat/food on the cooking grate.
  • Lid must be closed and opened only to turn the food or check for it being completely cooked or not.

Indirect Method

Are you aware of what roasting is? The indirect method is similar to roasting. It gives you great flavor, grilling texture and a perfect appealing look.

The heat from the grill rises and it passes through the lid to the inside of grill surface. Food is cooked well with indirect cooking throughout on all the sides. The heat circulates in this method similar to what oven does and you would not need to turn food sides.

Indirect heat method is preferred for delicate food that could be dried or overcooked with direct cooking method. You can get whole chicken, ribs, roasts, fish fillets and other such items cooked with indirect method.

Cooking indirectly lets you reveal all the versatile uses of your grill. You can even bake bread with indirect grilling over you gas grills. You can even sear meat with direct cooking method and later move it to roast over grill for indirect cooking method.

You will get to enjoy tender and deliciously juicy fully cooked meat at lower temperature without having the fear of burning it out when exposed to high temperature direct heat.

For indirect method:

  • Grill must be preheated by turning all the burners at maximum heat.
  • Burners must be adjusted to set the temperature on both sides according to recipe.
  • The burners directly below the food should be turned off.
  • In order to get best results of grilling, put the food in a disposable foil pan and you can even put water for longer durations of cooking in order to avoid drippings from getting burned.

Food safety comes first

Food safety comes first

If you own one of the best natural gas grillers, it may be offering you perfect grilling appearance and taste however it doesn’t guarantee you food safety.

In order to make sure that everything you cook over your grill is safe for you and your family to have, you must carefully follow all the instructions of grilling. Keep an eye on the temperature to be safe your cooking food especially for ground beef. Also make sure that you are cooking over a clean and well-maintained gas grill.

Make sure the temperature is ideal

Your gas grills surely have a high temperature that you can turn on whenever needed however all the food and recipes would not need such a high temperature for cooking.

If you are cooking thin lamb pieces or beef, you may need to cook them quickly at a high temperature but if for instance you have to cook fish or chicken or vegetables, it is best to cook them at medium temperature on grill.

On the other hand roasting needs lower temperature to be given indirectly to good. So in order to have a desired grilling quality texture and flavor, you must remain tolerant and cook with the correct temperature according to your dish’s requirement.

Avoid too much flare-ups

Flaming and smoke are required in order to get a special barbecue and grilling flavor which is the best thing about outdoor cooking. But remember that much of flaming could harm the taste, juiciness and form of your food. It could even burn your good and must be avoided.

Some tips to avoid flare-ups

  • Before cooking you must remove excess fat from your meat.
  • Get lean cuts of meat for cooking.
  • Basted turkeys include extra oil which may cause excessive flaming and may be harmful, so avoid.
  • Set the grill at a top level for perfect cooking results.
  • Also if needed set the burner at a lower level.
  • Keep apple juice squirt bottle handy to deal with flare-ups (minor ones)
  • For grease fires, make use of baking soda.
  • Adjust the lid by keeping it slightly open in order to control flaming in some cases when appropriate.


Following these easy guidelines and tips would ensure that you grill your food properly while keeping it safe and preserving all the nutrients, flavor with a great grilling texture. The basic instructions would help you in mastering over outdoor cooking.

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