Simple Steps for Perfectly Grilled Steak

Simple steps for perfectly grilled steak

Steaks are termed to be a completely satisfying meal and this satisfying meal doesn’t only satisfy your empty stomach but would also appeal to your taste buds if properly done.

However on the other hand, if you end up over doing your steak, it would become completely tasteless, dry and difficult to read. Medium rare and perfectly cooked red meat is the desire of all meat lovers.

The process is really simple but you would need to follow some steps to make sure that you cook a tender and well-cooked steak. This art would need some time, patience and practice in order for you to become a master at it.

Having a perfect cut for steak, right seasoning and marinating are important aspects of making a fantastic steak.

Preparing the Steak

Some Easy Steps for Even Grilling

Different people adopt different approaches for grilling. Some just heat grill and throw their steaks on them while others keep on worrying and turning the steaks in every 2 seconds to see if the steaks are cooked or not. Both the approaches may give you a cooked steak but they may lack the perfection of grilling.

For the most desired perfect steak results here we have outlined some steps that one may follow and with practice, you will become a master steak maker soon.

#1 Steak Should be at Room Temperature

Before you begin to cook, you must make sure that your food to be cooked is at medium temperature. If you would take out your steak from fridge and would put this chilled item directly on grill, it would never be cooked evenly.

You must take out steaks from fridge around 30 minutes before you want to cook them. Let it be at room temperature and then place it on the grill to get the desired results.

#2 Grill Must be Cleaned and Oiled

A clean cooking grate is must for perfect and healthy grilling. Before starting to cook, you must clean your cooking grate and oil it with vegetable or canola oil with the help of a brush.

This should be done before heating the grill.

This practice would brush off any left-over cooked food and you would be able to pull off steak easily when it is done without any damage to its appearance.

#3 Grill Marks are a Must Attraction

Any grilled food would be considered incomplete without grill marks. Heat the fire at a high heat to get grill marks and a seared surface. However only grill marks are not required, your meat may need more time to cook even if it is seared and appears crispy cooked from outside. Place the coals on one side and be ready to turn off burner if using a gas grill.

#4 Keep Touching Your Steak as You Prepare

One of the most idealistic way to see if your steak is cooked well or not is by touching it. Many of the expert chefs already know how it feels when your meat is perfectly cooked and this would only come with practice. Touch your food every time you cook.

Raw meat is usually squishy while rare is soft. When you cook medium-rare meat, it would spring back. If you feel that the meat is firm, you can be sure that it is well if not completely cooked. You must start poking your food in order to learn well the difference between raw and cooked steak.

#5 Do not Flip Frequently

Flipping your steak every now and then is equal to playing with your food. Do not overdo touching, poking, moving or flipping. When you put the steak on a hot grill, it should sizzle. Do not flip or touch till it settles on its own. Do not struggle or pull it.

Flip aside once you feel that it is done well. Avoid using a fork to stab the steak as all juices and flavors will release in to the flame lying below grill. Also avoid pressing steak with a spatula. Relax and let it cook well.

#6 If You Have Thinner or Thicker Steak Cuts

Thinner steaks are impossible to get on a correct temperature reading and the same is the case with thicker pieces. For thinner steaks use a timer. If the steak is 1 inch thick, it would take around 4 minutes on each side to cook medium rare at high heat. For quite rare3 minutes and for medium 5 minutes.

Whereas for steaks with at least 1 ½ inches thickness, you should use a thermometer (meat thermometer) for a correct reading. 120-125 deg. F for rare, 125-130 deg. F for medium-rare and 130-135 deg. F for medium.

#7 Cut to Avoid any Doubts

Cutting a steak with a knife is not recommended but you can do that if you are not sure. Just remove the steak from grill and with the tip of a knife make a cut in the center to see if it is cooked or not.

#8 Let Your Steak to Rest

This is a common mistake that many people do. They serve the steak directly taken from the grill. You must let the steak to rest for 5-6 minutes before cutting or serving. When you finish cooking, you can serve juices as it will give your meat time to settle and you give you a more flavorful and juicy steak.

Serving your perfectly grilled steak

perfectly grilled steak with salt

A perfectly grilled steak would just do with the use of salt and pepper. However, you can put a slice of butter or cheese to make it more heavenly delicious according to your own preference. You can serve steaks with favorite sides like French fries, steamed rice, fried rice, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and more.

Important Tips

Important Tips about grill steak

  • Avoid overcooking your steak as it may dry out the meat and make it really firm.
  • A cooking time of at least 4 minutes is required on each side for your steak to cook well. Make sure that the food is cooked making it safe to eat for everyone. 


A perfect grilled steak is one that has a delicious brown crust with sear and grill marks. It would be flavorful and juicy till its last bite.

Having perfection like this with a gas grill or electric grill is not a daunting task. Just follow these easy tips and steps and you would find it really easy and simple.

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