Natural Gas Grills – The Truth About Them

Benefits of Natural Gas Grills

So, you want to get a new gas barbeque grill, and you may be wondering whether you should go for the natural gas grills or propane grills.

One of the things that you should consider is the additional cost of running a gas line to your new grill. However, if you have gas in your house, the cost should be negligible.

It becomes a whole other story if you have to run a line to your house to fuel your grill.

You should consider the entire cost of the gas line, the meter rental, as well as the fuel as expenses, if you will be using the gas for the barbeque grill only.

This may be a very expensive proposition. Nonetheless, there are many benefits that come with owning natural gas grills that make it feasible to run a gas line to your new grill.

Benefits of Natural Gas Grills


1. The Cost of Fuel

Methane (natural gas) usually cost much less when compared to that of propane. In some places, the cost could be up to 50% less. For a true comparison, the cost of fuel per Therm is compared.

Methane gas averages at $0.80 per Therm, while that of propane averages at $1.63 per Therm. The cost of fuel is therefore 50% cheaper with methane gas.

2. Environmental Impact

Natural gas usually burns much cleaner than propane gas. Propane releases significantly more exhaust gases when it burns compared to methane. These gases usually hang around and may ruin the flavor of the food.

You don’t pollute the environment as much when you use methane, and this makes it a better choice if you want to make a less environmental footprint.

3. Convenience

Natural gas is usually piped directly into natural gas grills. This makes it convenient, as you will never run out of fuel in the middle of any cook off.

You can bid goodbye to lug propane tanks around to get them refilled as well as running out of gas. With natural gas, your fuel supply is virtually unlimited.

For those who already have natural gas running into your home, running a line to your gas grill is a no brainer. It costs you much less to operate and is very convenient.

However, it is very important to consider the total cost involved in installation as well as the monthly rental costs involved.

These costs can make it much more expensive to run natural gas grills when compared to using propane. The devil is in the details, as in this case.

On the surface, it is clearly evident that natural gas grills are a better choice than propane ones. Don’t forget to go for quality here as there are a wide variety of natural gas grills to choose from. Other factors to consider include size, availability of replacement parts and accessories, as well as customer reviews.

Remember to test your grill properly before you actually use it, and make sure that it comes with a good warranty. It is recommended that you purchase a stainless steel grill as it is often of much higher quality and very durable.

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