Key Features of the Best Gas Grill

Key Features of the Best Gas Grills

A gas grill with all the features that you desire can be a great addition to your versatile home kitchen. When looking for a gas grill, you will be able to find different brands offering varieties of gas grills with different sizes and types.

Choosing one that suits you best needs you to analyze what key features and specifications are you looking for in a gas grill? Owning a gas grill would not prove viable if you can reap most benefits of using a gas grill.

Why use Gas Grills

Why use Gas Grills

Gas grills, when compared to charcoal ones, are adjustable and you can easily regulate its temperature which you cannot do with charcoal ones. If you wish to adjust the height and temperature of flame for a perfectly grilled steak, you can do it with ease with the use of a gas grill.

Not only precision of grilling is what you get but gas grills offer you a cleaner way of grilling. Gas grills offer varied features one of which is different grilling zones with some appliances. So you can simultaneously grill different items and can adjust their temperature according to cooking, grilling or heating requirements of each.

Gas grills doesn’t take much time for lighting and heating up.

Key Features of the Best Gas Grill

Key Features of the Best Gas Grill

1. Fuel:

One of the most important features of a gas grill is its fueling source. You can find both propane and natural gas fueling grills. You can opt for either configuration that many new grills are offering these days but remember that you cannot use propane gas on the natural gas setting of the grill or vice versa.

Many of the cheap grills do not offer options for natural gas however many of the best brands and models do offer.

Over the long run natural gas grills would save your cost and you can enjoy the convenience of using fuel without having the need of visiting stores for refilling. Now you can even opt for some natural gas conversion kits that would cost you somewhere between 30 to 100 USD.

2. Construction Material:

The material that is used in the construction of your gas grill is really important. The main housing of the grills is either made up of sheet metal, cast iron, cast aluminum or stainless steel. Some of the best gas grills have a body of stainless steel and these are the most expensive ones that are used for professional cooking.

Apart from the body also have a look at the frame. Many of the stainless steel grills have frames of steel that are painted and usually get rust soon. So check the overall construction of your gas grill to see if it is stainless steel or something else. Cast aluminum also lasts for long.

3. Durable Grill:

Best gas grills would last for years and the main factors that affect the lifespan of a grill include materials used, quality of parts and metal thickness. Not only that but what makes your gas grill last for long is how well you take care of it. Even an expensive best grill would not last long if left uncovered or without cleaning. So you need to take care of your grill.

4. Size:

Another important feature to consider is the size of your grill. You must make sure that the grill you will be buying has the best capacity and sizes depending upon how many people are you going to serve with this grill. For a few steaks and veggies, you can do well with a small gas grill while for many burgers or a large turkey; you would need a larger gas grill.

When checking size, you must also check that the grill should be such that it could fit in the space you have for grilling conveniently.

5. Price:

One of the most important factors that affect your decision of choosing the best gas grill would be its price. Some of the best gas grills reviews suggest that these machines fall within a budget of 150 to 300 USD. However there are grills that costs you thousands of money but they would be viable for industrial use and not for residential use.

6. BTU Ratings:

British Thermal Units are a measurement of the amount of heat that can be created by the burner of your gas grill and depending upon the size of the grill how well the heat is handled and distributed.

A higher rating of BTU doesn’t necessarily mean that the grill would be better at getting hot but other factors like materials used for construction, size of the grate, the grill is open or not and other things matter.

Other Specific Features

Almost all the basic grills will do a lot of grilling tasks for you however having some additional features is always an advantage for those who are willing to pay additional for extra value. Such features are:

  • Extra Side Burners: Some of the best gas grills include extra side burners where you can heat cooked food pots and can warm buns. This would be valuable as you will be able to do additional stuff simultaneously as you grill. For a larger group of people, it is worth to have extra burners.
  • Wheels: Some grills include wheels so you can easily roll out the gas grill to your yard for grilling and can roll it back to storage after use. The importance of having a gas grill with wheels totally depends upon your frequency of use and personal preference for convenience.
  • Igniter: You would need to ignite some grills after turning on the fuel source while some high quality grills include electric lighters (push button) so users can quickly and easily ignite burners while staying safe.
  • Additional Tools for Grilling: Some high-end grills also include a complete set of cooking and cleaning tools. You can also buy such kits separately but buying additionally would be expensive rather than having these kits included with the price of your gas grill.


Remember that all the key basic features of a gas grill are really important whereas all the additional extra perks have very little use.

While looking for a best gas grill with all the features, you need to have a look at the price that these extra bonuses are costing you and you need to think whether paying extra for these benefits is worth or not?

Make sure that you opt for a gas grill that only has the features you desire and keep yourself from paying extra for unwanted considerations.

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