How to Choose the Hunting Boots – Buyer’s Guide


A quality hunting boot is a must have for any man or women who is outdoorsy, and especially those who like to work outside or hunt (as the name implies).

However, depending on where you live, what type of terrain you are using them on and your preferred style, there are different types of boots on the market to best suit your needs.

Before you go out and buy the first pair of hunting boots you see, there are a few things that you need to consider, which are highlighted and explained below:

Design and style

A hunting boot is not just a hunting boot – there are different styles on the market depending on what your needs are.


Firstly, there are three main types of boots. You will find that most hunting boots will fall into one of the following categories, so working out which one vest sits your needs will make your choice easier.

#1. Upland

made for long distance walking on a gentler and even terrain. Upland hunting boots do not have as much support as the other types and tend to be lighter.

Generally used for bird hunters, users of the upland boots will put in a lot of miles, often in sludgy or muddy terrain. These boots tend to be specially designed with a sole that is lighter and that is soil shredding (will not accumulate mud). Comfort is a must.

#2. High Country

For the toughest and most durable of hunting boots, you cannot go past a pair of high country boots. They are made for the serious hunter, and are favored by big game hunters.

If you find yourself trekking tough, rugged terrain then you will want a hunting boot that provides maximum support, especially for your ankles.

These high country boots have a tougher sole to handle any terrain. Exceptionally durable and long lasting.

#3. Multi-Purpose

Most of the hunting boots on the market will fall into this category. The multi-purpose hunting boot will be suitable for any purpose, from upland bird hunting and trekking the high country.

If you do not require a specific type or if you are the type of hunter who does a range of different activities, then a multi-purpose boot will be best for you.

These boots will generally be durable, long lasting, comfortable and suitable for use on a variety of different terrain. They will have more support that an upland boot but possibly not as much as a high country boot.

At the end of the day, there is no single rule when it comes to a particular type of boot, so check the specifications and the particular features when buying a hunting boot for yourself or anyone else.

The most important feature for any hunting boot of any kind is comfort, support and durability. All hunting boots will have some level of comfort, support and durability and it really depends on what type of terrain you will be going on and how many miles you think you will cover as to which type of boot will best suit.

Waterproof quality


You will find that being waterproof is a major selling point for hunting boots, although it is not a prerequisite. There are hunting boots in the market that are not waterproof, and these can still be great.

However, if you plan on walking in wetlands or would like to go out in all weather (including snow), then you will want to make sure that you invest in a pair of completely waterproof hunting boots.

If you do favor a pair of boots that are not completely waterproof, chances are that they will still be water-resistant (like any pair of outdoor boots), so walking in the rain should not be a major concern.

And there are steps that you can take to help the waterproof level of existing boots there are different waterproofing waxs on the market.

Check the specifications before you buy to determine whether they are completely waterproof, water resistant or not at all waterproof.


Because when it comes to hunting (or walking in general), your shoes are one of your most important tools.

Regardless of whether you are walking many miles on a smooth, flat terrain, or a short distance on uneven and rough terrain, having a pair of hunting boots that fits properly is a must.

Regardless of your gender, skills or level of fitness, if you have an ill-fitting pair of boots, then your ankles will not be supported, and the chance of twisting or even breaking your ankle increases greatly.

One potential issue of buying hunting boots online is that you are unable to physically try them before you buy. This makes it harder, but not impossible to get a good fit.

You should already have some idea of the size of your foot and whether you need particular support in a particular area. If you are unsure, then it is best to have your feet measured by a professional before you start the buying process.

Your best bet is to know you own feet and purchase a pair of hunting boots that seems to have the support and measurements that suit you. Then make sure you use a genuine retailer that will accept returns if the fit is not perfect. Trial and error is the best way to find a perfect boot, but once you do you will find yourself with an excellent level of comfort and support.

Can the Hunting Boots Protect from Snake Bites?

The number one rule when it comes to hunting boots (or anything really) is not to assume. If you live in a snake infested area and plan on doing a lot of walking in these areas, then make sure you take the time to investigate and check the specifications.

All quality hunting boots are made with thick outer material (leather or rubber), and will be thick enough to stop a small snake, however this should never be taken for granted. Some hunting boots for example stop just above the ankle they are no higher than a standard hiking boot.

While others are much higher and will go up to the knees. So if you are commonly frequenting snake infested areas it may pay to invest in a higher, knee-length boot simply because there is more coverage therefore more chance of it deflecting a snake bite.

Even if you do invest in the very best snake-proof hunting boot on the market which guarantees that the biggest snake in the world will not penetrate the boot (as a hypothetical example), it is still important to not let this get your guard down.

You should always be aware of your surroundings and do what you can to avoid snakes and other wild animals. The greatest hunting boot available will not prevent other parts of your body from getting bitten by a snake (unfortunately).

Do the Hunting Boots Have a Steel Toe?

Do the Hunting Boots Have a Steel Toe?

Generally hunting boots are not working boots, so will very rarely have a steel toe. These are not what they are designed for.

Upon saying that, there might be some that do so make sure you check the specifications if this is important to you. Hunting boots are designed for comfort and flexibility so it would be rare to find ones with steel toes.

They will generally be made with an extra thick rubber or leather around the toe area to prevent you from stubbing or hurting your toes, so this should help a lot when out in the wild.

Also hunting boots are generally insulated so they can be worn in the extreme cold and extreme heat, and these features may not work well with a steel capped toe. So you might want to think twice about investing in a hunting boot if it claims to be steel capped.

Can Hunting Boots be Used in the Snow or at Freezing Temperatures?

You will find that most hunting boots on the market will be suitable for use in the snow. Snow boots are generally more waterproof so this ids an important quality to keep in mind when shopping for hunting boots.

A lot of areas where the hunting boots will be used generally experience both hot and cold seasons. As a result, a lot of hunting boots are designed with clever insulation allowing you to use the boots in all seasons.

You don’t have to worry about buying summer hunting boots and snow hunting boots. A single pair will be sufficient to serve your needs.

A good waterproof hunting boot will be able to withstand extreme cold and extreme heat, all while keeping your feet toasty warm (or cool).

Of course, the socks that you wear with the boots can make a huge difference, so make sure you investigate the best socks for the type of boot you purchase. But all in all, with the right hunting boots, snow will not be a deterrent for you to have fun and go hunting!

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