Best Natural Gas Grills Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

best Natural Gas Grills
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Best gas grills are those gas grills that can cook food in the required style reflecting the taste, flavor and aroma.

Gas grills are mainly used to barbecue grill or sear the no veg or vegetable food by applying direct heat from below or indirect heat from either side of the food.

Natural gas and Propane gas are the two types of gas used as a source of fuel in gas grill. The gas grill is manufactured by quality sturdy stainless steel body or aluminum cast metal with single or multiple burners.

The grills are manufactured in fixed format and portable unit.  Gas grills are also manufactured for commercial purpose that is heavy duty and are exclusively used in restaurants and steak houses.

For domestic purpose, small and mid size gas grills are offered which are portable from one location to other.

Advantages of Natural Gas Grill

Gas grill competition is always between Natural gas and propane gas fueled grills. Both are kings in their own territory but Natural Gas is having more commercial advantages and utility convenience than Propane gas.

best Natural Gas GrillsPropane gas is a derivative of Natural Gas.

The process to extract Propane from Natural Gas is expensive hence the Natural Gas is cheaper than Propane Gas.  This will intern contribute less expensive grill foods.

Propane gas is supplied in small canisters, whereas Natural Gas is supplied through the gas grid.  There are always chances that Propane gas may exhaust during cooking and you have to rush for replenishment.

You will never have this kind of hardship with Natural Gas.  Because Natural Gas is supplied through Gas Grid and the flow of gas will be continuous 24 hours.

Natural gas is environment friendly. Natural gas is considered as the “Green House Gas”.  Natural gas is thin condensing comparing to Propane gas and in the event of an explosion; the gas will dissolve in the air in no moment time.

Considering the above advantage, Natural Gas is a great choice for people who love gas grill cooking.

Top 5 Best Natural Gas Grills

The following are top 5 Natural Gas grills that are versatile and with great performance.  Top 5 gas grills review will help you to consolidate your information updates.

1. Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

This is the finest Natural Gas grill with 424 square inches cooking area and 105 square inches of warming rack. The grill is made of solid stainless steel body and two side tables for pre-cooking activities.

The side table has 6 hooks to hold the grilling tools. Equipped with 3 stainless steel burners, the unit can produce 32,000 BTU heat per hour.

The grilling grates are made of porcelain coated cast iron which has superior heat retention abilities.

The Flavorizer bars are porcelain-coated, which are able to sizzle and smoke the food.  The excess dripped fat/oil is collected in the detachable drip pan placed below the burner.

With three independent infinite gas burner regulators, temperature gauge and porcelain coated shroud, a cabinet and with 4 rolling casters and with electronic ignition switch the unit is designed to offer uninterrupted grilling pleasure.

One of the advantages of the grill is its large cooking area and warm rack. The burners are independently controlled which allows cooking the food in different flames at the same time.

2. Weber Genesis 6631001 E-330

Weber Genesis 6631001 E-330

This is a Natural gas grill equipped with 3 stainless steel burners having individual electronic ignition cum fuel regulator. It has 507 square inches of primary cooking area and 130 square inches of warming rack.

Built in black enamel coated stainless steel body, porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates, enamel-coated shroud and steel handles designed to give trouble free long service.

The main burners can jointly produce 38,000 BTU heat power.  The flush mounted side burner is able to produce 12,000 BTU. As a specialty, you can find a sear burner with 10,000 BTU good enough to sear the food.

The cook box made of cast aluminum is strong enough to resist high temperature. The design of the cook box and shroud allow the temperature to circulate evenly in the chamber for better cooking.

The burners are made of high grade seamless stainless tubes that are resistant to rust and high temperature. The Flavorizer bars are angle shaped designed to deflect grease drippings, sizzles and smoke food. The excess grease collected in the sliding drip pan provided below to the burner is easy to clean.

Extra large grilling area and pre-cooking area are the outstanding features of this grill allows us to cook more food and extremely dependable for a mid-size family party. The stainless tubular burner is versatile with it is roaring grill power.

3. Weber Genesis 6611001 E-310Weber Genesis 6611001 E-310

Manufactured in strong steel black enamel quoted body, this grill is fueled in Natural gas. It has three stainless steel seamless tubular burners and each burner is independently regulated by control knobs placed in the front panel.

The burners can generate 38,000 BTU heat per hour, having 507 square inches of primary cooking area and 130 square inches warming area.  Two fixed side table is also provided for pre-cooking activities.

The cook box is made of heat resistant aluminum cast, consisting of porcelain-coated cast iron grates, Flavorizer bars, grease management system and burners. The cook box has a black enamel coated steel shroud which allows maintaining heat evenly inside the chamber when closed.

The burner tubes are made of seamless stainless steel and can work smoothly on high temperature. The Flavorizer bars are designed angle shape to deflect oil and water dripped out from the meat and also sizzles and smokes.  The excess oil is guided to the sliding detachable drip pan placed below the burner.

Large grilling area and warming rack are the specialties of this grill. The burners are powerful to generate maximum temperature within the shortest period of time.

4. Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330

This classic Natural gas grill has two pre-cooking work area tables on both sides. With three stainless steel seamless rod burners, it offers 38,000 BTU heat per hour.

Primary cooking is of 507 square inches and a warm rack of 130 square inches provides enough grilling space. It has an additional flush mounted cooking burner that can produce 12,000 BTU heat power.  The sear burner can produce 10,000 BTU heat power.

Further, an array of features such as, stainless steel grill grates, porcelain coated heat deflectors, Flavorizer bars made of stainless steel, 6 tools hooks on the side of the table, drip pan, two door stainless steel enameled coated cabinet, thermometer mounted double layered shroud in stainless steel, stainless steel handles, two front side heavy duty fixed casters with locking system and two heavy duty rear side swivel casters are equipped in this grill.

This is a luxury gas grill with special working table and powerful road burners, designed perfectly to meet your grand party challenges.  The burners are made of 7mm diameter seamless stainless steel is the identity of this grill.  Special angle designed Flavorizer bars help to smoke the dripped fat and add flavor of the food.  Sear burner is an outstanding feature you can find with this model.

5. Lion Premium Grills L75623Lion Premium Grills L75623

This Natural gas grill is made of 304-16 gauge commercial standard stainless steel body.  The 4 cast stainless steel burners can produce 75,000 BTU heat power.

An infrared burner is provided in the backside for rotisserie purposes. The grill is having 830 square inches of cooking area and double-layer seamless stainless steel smoker head with polished edges brings the cooking a fun quotient.

The grill is having a mounted temperature gauge on the middle of the shroud and also an LPG indicator to read the gas pressure. Each independent ignition push in turn knobs allows controlling the flame of each burner independently.

It has 5 Lion Quick Lite Valves and stainless steel light switch to light up the two interior lights. The built-in adjustable warming rack is helpful to warm dishes while the main grill is being used for grilling.

An important feature of this unit is its heavy duty grill designed for mid-size family parties. Immense grill power of 75,000 BTU takes this grill to the top range of all contemporary grills.

It has the maximum cooking area than any other cooking grills available in the market, in this segment. Unlike other gas grills, the cooking grates are made of solid stainless steel grates.


Gas grill reviews confirm that natural gas grills are economical and environment friendly.  The uninterrupted fueling with natural gas is a convenient option for great parties, where grilling needs to be done continuously.

Natural gas grills are priced between $400 to $1.500 is always within the reach of an affordable budget.  Most of the natural gas grill referred here are having limited warranty against manufacturing defects and offered free shipping.

It is essential to have a grass grill unit and be prepared to move along with the food and party trends. Buy your choice of the gas grill and enjoy your grilled food.

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