5 Most Comfortable Ways To Sleep In A Tent

Comfortable camping tent

When you want to go camping, have you ever considered or wondered what is the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent? Sleeping in nature is much different than sleeping at home. Get to know five most comfortable ways to sleep in a tent, so that you will be ready to explore the outdoors.

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Most Comfortable Ways to Sleep in a Tent

So, whether you’re a veteran camper or new to camping life, you have made the right choice. You have taken bold steps to be in touch with nature. And that’s a very good thing. Be it an impromptu area, or a dedicated area you’ve chosen to camp; if you must enjoy it at all in a tent, there have to be comfortable ways to sleep well in them.

The American Camps Association, in several surveys conducted in both 2001 and 2004, highlighted many benefits for campers. Amongst them are confidence and self-esteem, social skills, willingness to try adventurousness, independence and leadership qualities.

However, one thing they failed to make research on is… camping, you need a tent. That is your temporary home erected without an architect or a builder. If the camping will be anything close to being worthwhile and hand you all those stipulated benefits; you must get a good sleep in those tents.

We then have to focus on the most comfortable ways to sleep in those camp tents, because if we don’t, the primary purpose of camping is already defeated. We don’t want to head straight to the orthopedist after that wonderful camping experience. So, being a regular camper with experience; let me stress the most comfortable ways to sleep in tents.

Choose the Best Location to Pitch Your Tent

This one definitely comes first. I know it’s not your home and you probably may just pass one night there. Even so, you’ve got to survey the environment you have chosen to camp. You must see somewhere more preferable and manageable irrespective of how coarse the camping environment is. Once you locate that spot, that’s where you should pitch your tent. You will not sleep comfortably in a tent if the ground is too rough.

The Right Bedding must Follow You to Camp

Comfortable camping tent

If you’ve spent some close to hour-minutes time picking a spot to pitch your tent; you’ve done a marvelous job already. But you want to sleep comfortably in that tent, and you can’t achieve that sleeping on the ground or on bad camping bedroll.

Bedding options are probably more than camp options, selecting an appropriate one is one of the simplest things you’d do. Whatever brand you settle for, just ensure it packs small and comfortably inflates. Remember the hard ground we talked about above? This will buffer you from them and help you sleep in a comfortable camping bed.

Pillows are part of comfortable camping bed equipment and will come handy. If you forgot to carry one as I did on my first camping experience, just do what I did. Stuff everything you can in a T-shirt, or any cloth and have it serve the purpose… after all, they should play their part in helping you sleep in a most comfortable camping bed. Read here what else you need to consider when going camping.

You Need to Get Temperature Controlled

Nature is beautiful and one of a kind. Once it’s late, even though in the summertime, the weather gets really chilly. If your campsite is at a higher elevation, the colder it’s gonna get. But, we want to sleep in the most comfortable camping bed even though it gets cold. If we must, you will have to control the temperature.

Thank heavens you’re still reading. Now, if you haven’t scouted your camp destination’s weather report, now is the best time to do so. You need to have an idea of the expected temperature. Then, you can get it controlled to help you sleep comfortably in your tent before you even proceed.

Do ensure your sleeping bag and a camping bed roll are made right for the temperature. However with sleeping bag liners, you can add up to between 20 – 30 degrees of warmth. With that, I think you can achieve our aim: that is surely one of the most comfortable ways to sleep in a tent.

Get some Ear Plugs Along

This is camping, you’re not in your noise deafening built house; you are in the open. If you’re the type who loves the noise, or probably went camping to enjoy them, fine. On the other way round, if you can’t stand the screeching and chirping of bugs throughout the night; you must go along with earplugs to drown those noises.

To sleep most comfortably in a tent, you have to evade those noises. It may seem manageable, if you haven’t camped before, but once it gets late and everywhere gets quiet, the noise comes blasting into your eardrums. Earplugs are really small, disposable and cheap, they will come handy.

You can equally carry whatever music player device you’ve got, this will give you the option of choosing your sounds with the help of an earpiece.

Keep Your Tent Clean and Dry

As a man sets his bed, that’s how he will sleep. Looking for a comfortable way to sleep in a tent? Follow those same timeless words. Here the cleanliness must start from you. You don’t expect to sleep comfortably in a tent, if you smell like hiking trails. You will sleep much better when you’re not sticking to yourself.

Use anything available to a sponge bath, whether it’s in a creek, water jug or with baby wipes. You must try to be clean and dry. Camping is fun, but it could cease to be fun if you get wet.

Suppose it unexpectedly rains, sorry, you will not have any comfortable sleep in your tent. So, carry along tarps that can be made into a canopy. You can even have them thrown over the tent as added rain protection or, as footprint under the tent to prevent water from seeping through the seam.

If you consider the most comfortable ways to sleep in a tent and prepare yourself; you should have a wonderful outdoor experience.