Best Hunting GPS 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Should you buy a GPS device for hunting or just rely on your smartphone for hunting?

Hunting GPS (Global Positioning System) is your best bet if you do not want to get lost in the jungle or anywhere else your hunting might land you. Smartphones are not designed to work well in the forest; they are intended for city dwellers hungry for technology to get their lives going.

Well, how do you ensure that you not only avoid getting lost but also enjoy your hunting?

The Best hunting GPS has all the answers to your question. By having top-notch hand held hunting GPS device with you equipped with advanced WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), you can hunting as long as you want without getting lost.

Choosing the best GPS for hunting is a challenging task as there are many hunting GPS devices available in the market. There are many things you should consider in selecting the best hunting GPS that should not let you down.

After hours of researching and refining the hunting GPS devices available in the market, we listed down the TOP 10 GPS devices for Hunting.

1. Garmin-Alpha-100-Dog-Bundle – One of the best garmin gps

This GPS is a handheld and TT 15 bundled dog device that can track up to 20 dogs or buddies from between 4 and 9 miles away. It has 18 training levels with momentary stimulation.

It has tone and vibration alerts that either beeps or vibrates when your dog goes out of sight. It can measure the speed and distance your dog has traveled.

Don't lose your dog - This hunting GPS lets you to setup virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert if your hunting dog strays out of your geofence.

Best GPS for hunting - dogs and hunters

Keep Up with Your hunting Buddies - This GPS device allows you to Set your Alpha to show not only the dogs in your group, but also the other Alpha handhelds too (up to 20 TT 10/15/15 mini or Alpha units.

Preloaded maps - This Alpha 100 GPS hunting device comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps which will always know your surroundings

It has a high-sensitivity GPS with GLONASS, LED beacon lights and a Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels. The battery can last for 20-40 hours.

An invaluable hunting GPS tool helps you achieve optimum performance from your sporting dogs. It combines proven Garmin GPS dog tracking with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to use and to set up
  • Can share training code with other alpha users, thus allowing you to know where each other's dogs are
  • Handheld unit that vibrates and beeps when the dog goes out of sight
  • Easy to find your dog by following the screen irrespective of the surrounding
  • Unit provides more information about the distance covered, number of points, and more
  • Downloadable maps with plat survey data

Things We didn't Like

  • The Touch screen device does not respond with gloves on
  • Collar battery requires frequent replacement if you use it much
  • The USB on the unit is the old style requiring special USB cords to connect to your computer when charging the unit.

2. Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator for hunting

This hunters' GPS has a worldwide Basecamp feature added to it. The feature lets you view and organize waypoints, routes, maps and tracks, thus making planning your next hunting spree a delight. It has a 2.2-inch monochrome display that is easy to read at any time of the day.

It also has GPS and GLONAS satellites for prompt positioning. The battery could last for up to 25 hours before your next charge.

This GPS is ideal savvy outdoor enthusiasts as it is easier to tell the distance traveled.

eTrex 10 is Rugged handheld navigator with preloaded worldwide basemap and 2.2-inch monochrome display GPS hunting device.

eTrex 10 hunting GPS device supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit.

eTrex 10 stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts.

Garmin eTrex 10 - Handheld GPS for hunting

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator is a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with HotFix and GLONASS support for fast positioning and a reliable signal

Things We Liked

  • 2.2" monochrome display, easy to read in any light
  • GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster positioning
  • Paperless geocaching
  • Excellent battery life
  • Advanced track navigation

Things We didn't Like

  • It does not come with trail maps, so you will need to load maps if you intend to use them.
  • Monochrome display
  • Limited memory as it requires a micro-SD card

3. Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

The Foretrex 401 is a GPS navigator that’s slim and usually wrist-mounted, perfect for hunting. It features a high-sensitivity receiver with HotFix; this enhances the ability of the device to perform and receive information in deep canyons or heavy tree cover.

The GPS is waterproof and has an electronic compass plus a barometric altimeter to let you enjoy your hunting without worry about getting lost.

This device can help you retrace your steps thanks to its powerful Foretrex TracBack feature which keeps track of your path and displays it on your easy-to-read LCD. The electronic compass and barometric altimeter can help you keep track of your bearing and altitude.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof GPS for hunting

This GPS device has an excellent battery life and replaceable AAA batteries. You can also keep track of your data because the Foretrex 401 enables creation and storage of routes to all the places you have been to.

It also Features trip computer, hunting or fishing information, and sunrise or sunset times.

With the Foretrex 401, you get a wrist expansion strap, USB cable, and manuals. This device also allows you share your latest activities with friends and family on Facebook.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Hunting GPS features trip computer, sunrise/sunset times, hunting/fishing information, electronic compass and barometric altimeter

Things We Liked

  • It has a customizable easy-to-read LCD
  • Extremely accurate electronic compass and barometer
  • Works perfectly with computers
  • Very versatile GPS
  • Superior battery lifeTracks the distance traveled

Things We didn't Like

  • The wristband is too tight
  • Screen can crack with normal wear and tear

4. Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver

This is a rugged best handheld hunting GPS device with a highly-sensitive GPS as well as a GLONASS receiver that’s a quad helix antenna and a 2.6-inch color screen (sunlight-readable).

It comes preloaded with TOPI U.S. 100K maps plus a 1- year subscription for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. It has 3-axis compass with barometer altimeter and a wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology.

It comes with the worldwide basecamp which is software that lets you view and organize maps, waypoint, routes and tracks.

It also allows you to create Garmin Adventures that you can share with friends and family or fellow hunters.

BaseCamp can display topographic map data in 2-D or 3-D on your computer or laptop.

It can also transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your device when paired with a BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription.

With the Garmin GPSMAP 64st, you can stay connected with the Smart Notification which helps you to wirelessly receive email, texts, and alerts from your compatible iPhone.

You won't have to reach your backpack for your smartphone to be in the know.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st - High sensitivity hand held hunting GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 64st is High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with quad helix antenna, Built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief and comes with 8GB of internal memory and microSD Card slot

Things We Liked

  • Great display and easy to use and with a long battery life
  • Excellent and very fast GPS reception
  • Has connector for external GPS antenna
  • Glove friendly button interfaceFull range of navigation features
  • Barometric altimeter and 3-Axis electronic compass
  • ANT+ for data exchange and sensor
  • It has a customizable user interface
  • Smart notifications and Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Excellent map selection

Things We didn't Like

  • It takes time getting used to the interface
  • Has a small display
  • It is heavy because of the quad helix antenna

5. Garmin eTrex 20x - Best hunting GPS under 200 dollars

This Hunting GPS is an upgraded version of the popular eTrex 20. It has an enhanced screen resolution for convenient readability. It is easy to use, durable and with high performance.

It has a micro-SD slot that can help you expand the memory of your hunting GPS to hold more maps, more data, and more adventure.

It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix to allow you great reception even in thick canopy cover. It also features GLONASS and WAAS support.

It has a 2.2-inch display that allows for easy reading.

The GPS also has a global basecamp with shaded relief.

Basecamp is software that lets you view and organize your waypoint, routes, maps and tracks, thus making your hunting adventure a joy.

Garmin eTrex 20x GPS for hunting

This GPS device for hunting comes with large 3.7 GB of internal memory and microSD card slot lets you load a variety of maps, including TOPO 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required)

Things We Liked

  • Small and compact size
  • Excellent battery life
  • Crisp display quality
  • It simple and versatile unit
  • Convenient to carry around as it is not bulky
  • Guarantees high performance and speed
  • Has GPS and GLONASS support that ensures good reception
  • It has a waterproof design
  • Supports geocaching

Things We didn't Like

  • This GPS device may not be friendly to new users.

6. Magellan eXplorist 350H Handheld GPS - Best handheld GPS for hunting

The eXplorist 350H is waterproof, rugged and powerful, handheld outdoor GPS that’s been carefully designed for hunters.

It has a user-friendly interface and s equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS with 3-5 meter accuracy. It features over 30 hunt specific waypoints, preloaded maps for easier navigation.

The GPS also includes a free annual subscription to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery. It also features a boundary alert which notifies a hunter when they are approaching or leaving a hunting zone.

Magellan eXplorist 350H Handheld GPS with detailed pre-loaded maps with complete road network, city centers, land, water, trails and contour elevation for easy navigation

The 350H hunting GPS comes with a pre-loaded hunt calendar makes you to stay within legal hunting hours by knowing sunrise and sunset times.

It helps you to identify moon phases to determine prime hunting days and see recommended hunt times based on the sun and moon's effect on animal activity.

This hunting GPS comes with boundary alert feature that notifies that Hunters if they are approaching or leaving a hunting zone.

It also lets to customize the Boundary Alerts.

 Click to open expanded view Magellan eXplorist 350H Handheld GPS for hunting

With eXplorist 350H GPS you can start your journey with one click and keep tabs on useful statistics and with Suspend Mode plus the 2 double AA batteries included the 350H gives hunters 18+ hours of battery life to be the perfect tool before, during and after the hunt.

Things We Liked

  • GPS meant to suit a hunter
  • Hunting boundary info for 40 States
  • Gives a topographic map as a contour layer
  • Boundary notifications keep you in an authorized hunting zone
  • Hunt specific waypoint icons
  • The GPS device is responsive even in the house

Things We didn't Like

  • Small screen size
  • This Magellan's firmware cannot be updated on a Macintosh computer.

7. Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Personal GPS Tracking Device

This is one of the best hunting GPS device allows you to mark and store up to 5 locations and data. It can automatically record time, temperature and altitude along with route, length, and speed.

It has a high-performance GPS for improved reception. This GPS device helps hunters to keep track of their territories and navigate and mark sweet spots.

Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Personal GPS Tracking Device is an High-functioning GPS capabilities.

A precision digital compass with latitude and longitude allow you to track any course by automatically keeping track of time, temperature, and altitude, along with route, length and speed​.

It can help you track your fitness by recording your time and distance, charting your progress and helping you meet your goals​

You can also use this GPS device to share your data on Facebook, email them to friends or save them for future reference.

Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Personal GPS Tracking Device for hunting

Bushnell BackTrack 360300 Handheld GPS Navigator is a multi purpose gps device. Hunters can keep track of territories, while boaters and fishers will find the GPS useful for navigation and marking sweet spots

Things We Liked

  • Records the user’s trips or any workouts
  • Includes digital compass, time, temperature, altitude, trip length and speed
  • Keep track of repeated exercise paths
  • Logs up to 48 hours of trip data
  • D-Tour GPS Receiver
  • Mark up to 5 locations
  • You can use it to share your data on Facebook, save it on your computer

Things We didn't Like

  • It is not a map navigation device

8. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This GPS device is perfect for hunting. It comes in a compact size that you can attach to your belt or backpack when hunting.

You can easily use the GPS to track and map in real-time over the internet. It has geofencing technology which sends you a text or email when someone or something leaves an area.

It has an in-built accelerometer which senses motion and powers on the device on or off depending on whether the device is moving or not.

STI_GL300 Mini GPS device is weighs only 8 ounces and 3 inches in length, the device is small enough to fit almost anywhere.

An available waterproof magnetic case lets you easily attach the GL300 to any vehicle or asset, and an available belt holster lets you easily track a person.

This device sends you a text or email alerts when the person or item you are tracking leaves a geographic area (geofencing).

This hunting GPS Device stores data for up to a year and has a battery life of two weeks.

STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time hunting GPS

With over 100,000 happy clients and counting, SpyTec consistently earns excellent customer satisfaction ratings. SpyTec offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day, hassle-free returns on anything it sells, including the popular STI_GL300 tracker.

Things We Liked

  • It is convenient for tracking vehicles, teens, or assets
  • Compact size making it easy to carry around can be attached to your belt or inserted in your backpack
  • Can help you track and map your territory when connected to the internet
  • It can notify you by text or email when a loved one leaves an area (geo-fencing)

Things We didn't Like

  • The device is preset to a 1 minute update with no instructions in the manual or online on how to change it or if it can be changed

9. Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro (Black/silver) - Best budget gps for hunting

The hunting GPS shares location data with up to five iOS gadgets instantaneously through Bluetooth technology.

It has large LCD shows critical status information about location, power, Bluetooth connectivity, and trip data storage. It can report up to 100 hours of trip data that you can share with friends on Facebook.

This device has an excellent and data logging capabilities.

The enclosure is rugged and splash proof for outdoor use. It’s compatible with all other location apps.

The clear LCD screen provides you the critical information about your position and its accuracy, the quality of your satellite connections, Bluetooth pairing status, and datalog capacity used.

The GPS Pro operates independently from your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, while connected wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Travel, track, and data log for up to 16 hours while connected via Bluetooth or up to 36 hours when operating in simple data logging mode.

Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200) for hunting

The Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200), an external GPS receiver, uses Bluetooth wireless technology to feed GPS data directly to up to five (5) paired iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad devices.

Things We Liked

  • Connect a maximum of five devices at a time via Bluetooth technology.
  • Large LCD screen with backlight for night operation
  • GPS Tracker and Data logger that can store 100+ hours of tracking data
  • Extra-long battery life and 10Hz reporting rate
  • Rugged and splash-proof to IPX4 standards

Things We didn't Like

  • It provides coordinates only

10. Bushnell 360500 Back Track Hunt GPS device

This GPS device has quality optics with superb clarity. It can accurately predict periods of peak game movement based on some factors.

You can plan your hunting adventure with just a glance at different times of the day and with five standard and 20 additional storable locations, it quickly gets you back to your tree stand or blind locations.

Bushnell 360500 is made with high quality optics with stunning HD clarity and are tested extensively.

This hunting GPS device accurately predicts periods of peak animal activity based on a variety of data and Logs up to 48 hours of trip data.

Bushnell 360500 Back Track Hunt

This hunting gps come with additional features that includes time, temperature, distances, elevation, latitude and longitude coordinates.It also displays sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset, as well as barometric pressure

Things We Liked

  • Quality optics with magnificent HD clarity
  • 100 percent quality materials tested and used broadly
  • Gorgeous design and highly durableIt can store and locate up to 25 different locations
  • Includes distance, longitude coordinates, temperature, latitude, time, and elevation.
  • Displays sunrise, sunset, barometric pressure, moonrise, and moonset
  • Correctly predicts the periods of highest animal activity based on different data
  • Weather resistant construction; 1-year warranty

Things We didn't Like

  • The screen views are so tiny, and the software performs so poorly, that the crumbs are useless.

Best Hunting GPS 2016 - Buying Guide

Choosing the best GPS for hunting is a challenging task as there are many hunting GPS devices available in the market. There are many things you should consider in selecting the best hunting GPS that should not let you down

Below are the few things that you should consider in buying the good GPS for happy hunting.

  • Your hunting GPS should have this feature as it makes your unit up to five times accurate.
  • Your GPS unit should perform well in both daylight and at night; the display should be clear, user-friendly and usable even with your gloves on.
  • Storage is another big thing you may want to consider before setting out to buy your GPS unit. Garmin has this bit well sort out.
  • Most of the GPS units they manufacture come with paperless geocaching that makes it easy to download and store data such as Topo maps, way-point, Points of Interest, and updates.
  • Your unit should be easy to use, versatile and have enough topographical details to allow for easy navigation.
  • Most of important your hunting GPS should be handheld, meaning that they are light enough to hold with one hand, carry in your pocket or a pack. Sometimes, you decide on how heavy you want your unit to be.
  • For some hunters, prefer large GPS units because they give them a strong feeling. However, other hunters may want their units to light enough to carry wherever their hunting takes them.
  • Finally, GPS device for hunting isn’t only for hunters. It is for your hunting dogs too.

Final words on Hunting GPS devices

The list of gps for hunting was carefully created, keeping the customers expectation in buying the hunting GPS devices and how much price they are willing to spend for it.

We hope our top 10 list of hunting gps devices will help you pick the best hunting gps device within your budget.

In case you feel that we have missed a good hunting gps, please let us know.